Beyonce vs. Miley Cyrus: A Feminist Tale of Two Childhood Stardoms


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Aya de Leon

2013 witnessed the coming of age of two former child stars in very different ways.  Lst year’s zeitgeist moments of Miley Cyrus and Beyonce have a lot to teach us about the dynamics of women, feminism, and the entertainment industry.

Childhood stardom frequently means bad news later in life.  From the 70s to the 80s, we watched the entire cast of Diff’rent Strokes meltdown. from the 90s to the new millennium, we watched Britney Spears skyrocket to superstardom as she was rebranded from Mouseketeer into a not-quite-legal sexualized ingenue sensation.  She was worth her weight in diamonds, when she came of age and already had name and face recognition. But that moment is fleeting. A sexualized but ostensibly virginal seventeen-year-old is bankable to all:  tween and teen girls, heterosexual men of all ages who go for a hot young blonde.  But once she could no longer straddle the virgin/whore line…

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10 Years of Facebook


Since the birth of facebook, Public Relations has become centralised around social media. In 2004 Mark Zuckerberg along with a few friends created a social media platform in order to remain connecting with friends past and present.

Ten years later FACEBOOK is worth a staggering £91bn with 1.23bn worldwide members. 

’12 Years A Slave’ Wins Critics’ Choice Award For Best Picture


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Hollywood Life

’12 Years A Slave’ won the award for Best Picture at the 2014 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on Jan. 16. The intense, much-talked about period drama beat out some of the most acclaimed films of the year for the honor!

The critics have spoken! 12 Years a Slave took home one of the most coveted awards at the 2014 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on Jan. 16. Do you think the film deserved to win?

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Michelle Obama Turns 50 — Happy Birthday


The powerful black &,beautiful first lady

Hollywood Life

Even though she absolutely doesn’t look it, Michelle Obama turned the big 5-0 on Jan. 17. Celebrate her birthday here with all of her best looks.

On her 49th birthday, Michelle Obama debuted a whole new hairstyle — blunt bangs! That was just the start of an amazing year! We’re celebrating this year’s big day reflecting on her best moments.

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Latest Attack on Black Girls/Natural Hair – This Looks Like a Job for the Puffy Hair Project!


black girls rock

Aya de Leon

It’s outrageous!  A young girl in Florida was threatened with expulsion from school if she didn’t cut/straighten/change her hair.  “It’s puffy and I like it that way,” said Vanessa VanDyke.  The school has backed down, and taken expulsion off the table, but I’m still furious.  Earlier this year, we saw girls targeted by school officials for dreads and afropuffs.  These racist attacks on girls are unconscionable.

This week, I’ve been stressed trying to get my Puffy Hair Project together in time for the holidays.  I was feeling overwhelmed, like maybe I had taken on too much.  But if Vanessa VanDyke didn’t back down, I’m gonna make this book happen.  I usually post on Friday, but I’m posting today.

So if anything good can come out of this vicious attack on a young African heritage girl, let it be this:

1.  the #livingwhilenatural hashtag on twitter (thanks to @brokeymcpoverty)

2. we…

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Miss America: Brown Girl on the Bridge to Nowhere



Aya de Leon

When Vanessa Williams was crowned Miss America in 1983, I was fifteen. As a young woman of African heritage, I was supposed to feel validated, but I didn’t.  Williams’ wide blue eyes, sandy hair, and middle America girl-next-door looks didn’t do anything to validate my sense of my beauty as a Black girl.  She challenged the racial category of the winner, but not the aesthetics of the beauty standards.

Sunday, as many in the nation watched Nina Davuluri crowned as the first South Asian Miss America, I had that usual ambivalence about brown women breaking into sexist institutions.

Beauty pageants embody so many pressures on women that I think are negative and damaging.  Women being judged based on their appearance in evening gowns and in bathing suits.  I love the “talent” and “interview” portions, as they give the pretense that this is not first and foremost about appearance.  If those parts…

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