Latest Attack on Black Girls/Natural Hair – This Looks Like a Job for the Puffy Hair Project!


black girls rock

Aya de Leon

It’s outrageous!  A young girl in Florida was threatened with expulsion from school if she didn’t cut/straighten/change her hair.  “It’s puffy and I like it that way,” said Vanessa VanDyke.  The school has backed down, and taken expulsion off the table, but I’m still furious.  Earlier this year, we saw girls targeted by school officials for dreads and afropuffs.  These racist attacks on girls are unconscionable.

This week, I’ve been stressed trying to get my Puffy Hair Project together in time for the holidays.  I was feeling overwhelmed, like maybe I had taken on too much.  But if Vanessa VanDyke didn’t back down, I’m gonna make this book happen.  I usually post on Friday, but I’m posting today.

So if anything good can come out of this vicious attack on a young African heritage girl, let it be this:

1.  the #livingwhilenatural hashtag on twitter (thanks to @brokeymcpoverty)

2. we…

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I enjoy experiencing different working environments, meeting people from diverse communities to gain a better understanding of their ways of living. Although I love living in the UK I recognise that it is only a small part of the world, Having being able to experience other cultures has really broadened my knowledge, understanding and respect for the world and its peoples.

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